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digital marketing course - SEO Course - Dehradun

Search Engine Optimization

Learn SEO course in Dehradun, The updated algorithms of Google on how to rank your website higher in Search Engine and get relevant traffic and business through it.

INR 3999.00

digital marketing course - Google adwords Course - Dehradun

Google Ads (SEM)

Learn complete Google ads (Adwords) to know how PPC/ CPC works, how to run ads on internet to generate awareness and clients for your business.

INR 3999.00

digital marketing course - Social Media Marketing Course - facebook marketing Course - Dehradun

Social Media

Learn how social media optimization and Makrketing (Sponsored Ads) can help to build a huge userbase and business on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and Snapchat.

INR 3999.00

digital marketing course - email marketing Course - Dehradun

Email Marketing

Email marketing is very important part of Digital, When it comes to generate leads or send emails in bulk or just automate the complete email sequence for your business.

INR 3,999.00

digital marketing course - web analytics Course - Dehradun

Social and Web Analytics

Want to understand whatever you're doing on digital is working in the right way? Get to optimize your marketing by knowing what is the best happening to you and what is not.

INR 3999.00

digital marketing course - landing page Course - Dehradun

Inbound (Lander Optimization)

How to create a pull factor on your web/ landing page to attract more people to get converted. They will not only visit your web page but will buy from you.


digital marketing course - content marketing Course - Dehradun

Content Marketing

Design and create best ads for your online campaign which converts the most, just like big companies. Get competency into Image, Text and video ad even if you don't know it.


digital marketing course - YouTube growth marketing Course - Dehradun

YouTube Growth

Grow your YouTube Channel even if you're starting now. Know the best techniques to be successful on YouTube. Whether its your first 1000 subs or 4000 hours of watch time.

INT 3999.00

digital marketing course - blogging Course - micro niche blogging - Dehradun

Blogging & Web Design

Create a fully functional wordpress based website and blog for your venture. It can offer services or you can sell products or you can also create a information site to gain traffic.


digital marketing course - make money online - earn money online - Dehradun


Did you know you can make a lot of money using digital marketing. Learn all the proper ways to make money online, like Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing a nd a lot more.


digital marketing course - Selling online - online sales course - Dehradun

Sales Funnel

Learn how to create a sales funnel online to get your customer converted when you have a e commerce or a shopify dropshipping setup for your online business.


digital marketing course - Sales and Marketing Course - Dehradun

Sales & Marketing

Get to know the exact sales and marketing process online to grow your business fast and optimize everything and build a great strategy and tactics to actually win on Digital.


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